What is the Trustee’s role?

When you create a revocable trust, you decide who will serve as trustee. You can name yourself, a friend or relative. Sometimes, FNBT is chosen to serve as trustee through its Trust Department.

When you create a revocable trust, you have flexibility in the tasks you can assign to your trustee. Typically, the grantor will decide to include one or two of these important responsibilities:

  1. Take over the management burden of your business affairs. With a well-chosen trustee, you receive high-quality, professional investment service and you eliminate the time and care that your financial affairs demand of you. You also have the opportunity to see how the trustee works on your behalf.
  2. Take over management burden only if you become disabled. If that ever happens, your trustee manages your financial affairs and you are the beneficiary. Again, with a well-chosen trustee, you gain standby professional support and eliminate concern for the financial and family disruption that your disability could cause.
  3. Unify your estate assets for administrative simplicity. Your life insurance proceeds and other assets can be payable at your death to the trustee of your revocable trust. This arrangement will assure your assets remain under skilled, professional care. The trustee will manage all the assets, under the terms of your trust, for the benefit of your beneficiaries. Your family gains ongoing professional support and much less financial disruption and uncertainty.

Investments and insurance offered through the Trust Department of First National Bank & Trust Co. are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of, and are not guaranteed by, any bank or any bank affiliate. Investments are subject to risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.