Other Business Services

For businesses large and small, First National Bank provides essential services to help you grow your business — and expert customer service to ensure you get the most from these tools.

Business Banking/ACH Origination

We give you, the business customer, online access to all your accounts. You can do more than check balances or transfer money; you can even perform stop payments. With ACH Origination, you can electronically perform payroll for your employees or pay your bills. With a click, you can even bill other vendors with whom you have agreements, and their payment to you comes back quickly.

Remote Deposit Capture

Bank from your desk easily. You can make deposits without ever leaving your office! Save the time and hassle of running to the bank each day with stacks of checks. This service even allows you to make deposits later than other customers!

Merchant Services We give you the ability to accept credit cards – in whatever way works best for your business needs.

PocketPay Turns your cell phone into a pocket-sized credit card terminal!

EasyPay Turns your desktop computer or laptop into a credit card terminal.

Standard Terminal This device sits next to your cash register or phone and it allows you to accept credit and debit cards. Perfect for medium sized businesses.

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