Online Bill Payment Authorization

I hereby authorize The First National Bank and Trust Company, Chickasha, Oklahoma (“FNBT”), to review the account for which I am applying for Online Bill Payment (“Bill Pay”). I understand that FNBT reserves the right to allow or deny Bill Pay after review of my account. In the event Bill Pay is denied, FNBT will provide written notice with explanation.

Upon approval of my Bill Payment Application, I hereby authorize the third party Bill Pay vendor of FNBT to make payments to creditors for me and also authorize FNBT to post such payments to the checking account indicated on the application form for Bill Pay. I understand that Bill Pay will use electronic means to notify FNBT of payments on my behalf.
I understand that neither FNBT nor any Bill Pay service provider can guarantee the time any payment will reach any of my creditors and that Bill Pay and FNBT will not be liable for any service fee or late charge levied against me. Payments may take up to 10 days to reach a creditor and will be sent either electronically or by check.

I understand that the funds for each payment are deducted within 2 business days of the scheduled payment date. FNBT and Bill Pay will not be responsible for any loss or penalty that I may incur due to a lack of sufficient funds or other conditions that may prevent withdrawal from my checking account, and that I am subject to an insufficient funds fee for each such item returned unpaid.

I also understand that any item returned unpaid due to insufficient funds (NSF) will result in the inability to use Bill Pay for at least 5 business days. Three insufficient funds will result in the cancellation of Bill Pay.
FNBT also reserves the right to cancel Bill Pay at any time, but will provide me with written notice upon cancellation.

I understand that an expedited payment is delivered faster than a standard payment and a convenience fee will apply. There is no guarantee that the payee is able to accept an expedited payment, or that the payment will be received prior to the payee’s cutoff time for same day acceptance. Contact your payee to obtain the payee’s overnight check address and other details regarding their acceptance of an expedited payment.

I understand that FNBT may cancel Bill Pay if I have not used the service over a three-month period. I also understand that the closing of my Bill Pay service will require another application for the service, should I wish to use it again.

I understand that I may cancel the service at any time by contacting FNBT either verbally or by letter and, if done verbally, a written letter may be required.

I understand that use of Bill Pay through FNBT’s consumer online banking system is free for personal and sole-proprietor accounts, but fees may be incurred as follows: $3 per month (after 3 months of inactivity); $25 Bill Pay fee for returned items; $30 for a Stop Payment placed on a Bill Pay transaction; $25 Expedited Check Payment; $5 Expedited Electronic Payment; $10 for a copy of a Bill Payment transaction (electronic or check).

Business accounts may be required to use FNBT’s online Business Banking service before implementation of Bill Pay occurs. Fees are based on features selected and are disclosed prior to service implementation. Additional convenience fees apply to expedited payments. Please contact FNBT for details regarding Treasury Management pricing.

By submitting the Bill Pay application, I agree to these terms and the terms of the Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure Statement.