Bond Family’s ‘Happy Hollow,’ 1870s

Happy Hollow is a Tuttle legend. Located near Silver City, the James H. Bond family served generous hospitality to folks traveling The Chisholm Trail from this spacious home in the 1870s. Mrs. Bond nursed the sick and wounded who traveled the dangerous post Civil-War era trail from Texas ranches in the south to Kansas railheads up north. This is the childhood home of Nora Bond, who married James H. Tuttle (founder of the Tuttle community and this bank) just after her 16th birthday. She died in the first year of their marriage but her name remains significant as her gravestone commands attention at the Silver City Cemetery. This photograph was shared by the Grady County Historical Society Museum in Chickasha.

The Tuttle Then and Now gallery displayed at the First National Bank & Trust Co. in Tuttle was designed to commemorate the people and places that make Tuttle unique. FNBT has been an independent community bank serving central and southwest Oklahoma since 1892.