Tuttle Baseball Team 1911

Just before Tuttle picked up a critical win against rival Mustang in spring 1911, the team stopped for this photograph that was donated to the Grady County Historical Society in 1994 by John Phillips Jr. Standing (from left) are “Dude” (George) Smith, Athel Williams, Harry McCracken, John Thomas, Byrd Waldon and Edgar Park. Seated (from left) are Charles Snyder, Ray Walcott and Ollie Foster. The first owner of this picture was Charles Snyder, then Mrs. Fred Voigt, then John Phillips Jr. For this gallery, it was loaned by the Grady County Historical Society and digitally remastered in 2021 by FNBT.

The Tuttle Then and Now gallery displayed at the First National Bank & Trust Co. in Tuttle was designed to commemorate the people and places that make Tuttle unique. FNBT has been an independent community bank serving central and southwest Oklahoma since 1892.