Silver City Cemetery 2021

This photograph of the Silver City Cemetery looks like an antique but it’s not. Captured in 2021 by Greg Myers, this image was retouched to make it appear historic like the old photographs next to it. The original image features vibrant color, a cobalt blue sky, and sharply focused detail. To harmonize with the historic images next to it, the image was converted to black-and-white with sepia tones and grain added. Silver City Cemetery is all that’s left of that historic village in early Oklahoma Indian Territory. Now maintained by the City of Tuttle, this place is the burial ground for most of the founding families.

The Tuttle Then and Now gallery displayed at the First National Bank & Trust Co. in Tuttle was designed to commemorate the people and places that make Tuttle unique. FNBT has been an independent community bank serving central and southwest Oklahoma since 1892.