Here for you.

Response to the Oklahoma Quarantine for COVID-19
A public letter by John Gorton, President & CEO

November 20, 2020

If there’s a single word that’s on my heart as President and CEO of First National Bank & Trust Co., it’s the word “available.”  

While the global pandemic redefines our national economy and civil society – temporarily – we at FNBT have one single focus, and that is to serve the thousands of customers who call us “my bank” and rely on us for lending, business services, account operations, community support and so much more.

Usually our favorite customers drop by our lobby to share a meme, grab a sucker and subtly remind us what a vital part of this social organism that we as a community bank have played for 128 years.  We look forward to open lobbies and shaking hands again.  The communities we serve deserve nothing less than our full attention.

And we are pleased to give it.graphic with text explaining our cover protocols

Every banker at every location is fully engaged in the work of serving our customers right now.  Some are working remotely but we are actively serving.  While many businesses are shuttered, we provide essential services that state and national officials have cleared as critical to the health of our communities. 

Our teams are collaborating

During this crisis, I have enjoyed watching our teams rise to meet the banking needs of the communities we serve.  Since we discuss our mission statement frequently, it should never surprise me that they believe it and mean it.  Our mission statement begins with the words, “We commit to promote the success of our customers and communities…”  And I’m seeing it in real time.

Certainly this year has been a challenge! But we’ve introduced a brand new website in 2020 and new digital tools. We are reinforcing digital security and planning for community events not even announced yet.  We’re supporting merchant services for hundreds of businesses who must operate even with the front door locked.  In a word, we are available.

Soon this dark chapter will end. Working together, Oklahomans in our communities will rise up to rebuild, serve the greater good, and start over.  On behalf of our teams at First National Bank & Trust Co., please know that we pray for your health and safety, and we will continue to work toward the success of our customers and communities.

With confidence and best regards,

President & CEO