In a world where change is constant and rapid, some important things never change. One community bank has served central and southwest Oklahoma – under local, independent, family ownership – since 1892.  [Image 1896]

New technologies make banking easier than ever, but The First National Bank & Trust Co. is proud to remain squarely focused on local decisions, community enrichment and small-business growth.  [Image 2013]

FNBT was born as Citizens Bank in August 1892, in Chickasha, Indian Territory. In 1900, with assets exceeding $174,000, the institution became a national bank under the name Citizens National Bank.  [Image 1898]

The bank enjoyed steady growth, and by 1929, when the Great Depression rocked America’s financial foundations, we reached our first $1 million in assets and merged with another bank to become Citizen-Farmers National Bank. We became First National Bank in 1938. [Image 1931]

Some companies – like people – let prosperity change their personality. But not this bank. Our steady focus on health in business and agriculture built a strong foundation. Today, we lend hundreds of millions of dollars to strengthen business, industry, agriculture, energy, families and churches, across six counties.  [Image circa 1965]

In the 1950s, FNBT built a drive-up teller booth that literally popped up hydraulically from the sidewalk, offering curb service to automobile traffic. Bank lore says it was Oklahoma’s first.  [Image 1955]

Who knew that “drive-thru banking” would be so popular? Apparently, we did! From that first “pop-up drive-thru,” we started adding drive-thru lanes at our locations, and now we offer 36 lanes across 10 locations.   [Image 2015]

In 1965, our name was expanded to First National Bank & Trust Co., as the U.S. Comptroller approved the addition of a full-service Trust Department. Today we serve generations of families with trust accounts who need expert personal service in managing family properties, mineral interests, farmland and assets of every kind.  [Image 2019]

Mortgage team Jan 2021In 2000, we began offering mortgages. Today FNBT Mortgage offers local servicing and a wide range of eight mortgage loan options. NMLS #403159

From our first location, opened in 1892, to 11 more opened between 1973 and 2017, our service area footprint has grown dramatically.

Technology has allowed us to add steadily to our range of services too. You can bank from home or anywhere using a dozen online and mobile services, including mobile deposit, PocketPay, SecurLOCK. FNBT Rewards and more.