Free paper shredding for select account holders

Everyone gets junk mail. If you receive mail that contains your name, address and other personal data like account numbers and balances owed, you should shred all of this material. Tossing this trash without shredding it gives dumpster thieves some personal information about you, which increases your risk of identity theft. If you don’t own a shredder, this can be a hassle.

If you have an FNBT account in one of these types, you can bring one grocery-sized bag of shred material to the bank, twice a year, and we’ll shred it for free:

  • FNBT 360
  • Advantage Green
  • Money Market
  • Super Now

In addition, you should know that our FNBT 360 Account includes Ultimate ID, a remarkable program designed to limit your risk for identity theft and to help you in recovery if thieves do steal your data.  With Ultimate ID, you get 3-bureau monitoring, instant inquiry alerts, credit score tracker, internet monitoring, and fully managed identity fraud recovery services. Ultimate ID comes, at no extra charge, as one of the top 10 features of the FNBT 360 Account.