FNBT earns Community Leader Award from FHLB

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CHICKASHA, Okla. – For its 129 years of service to community needs, bankers at The First National Bank & Trust Co. received a legendary salute – with documentary video – on Oct. 13 when the Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka announced its annual Community Leader Award for 2021.

The award was announced twice in Oklahoma, first at an elegant Oct. 13 reception for stakeholders in Chickasha and then at a statewide bankers’ conference sponsored by the FHLBank in Oklahoma City the next day. 

State legislators led by Sen. Lonnie Paxton presented a resolution honoring the bankers at FNBT for their work in building community life and economic development across central and southwest Oklahoma.

Adding to the honor, FHLBank presented a $5,000 cash award to Life Choices Chickasha as a salute to FNBT’s long record of service to nonprofits in the area.

“Tonight is a great honor,” said FNBT President & CEO John Gorton. “Every bank imagines itself as a community leader and a broker in building healthy communities.  This award, this recognition, is confirmation to the efforts of our bankers. Together we’re doing something right.  We’re living our mission – ‘to promote the success of our customers and communities.’”

The award was presented by FHLB President & CEO Mark Yardley, who brought more than a dozen bankers from Kansas to attend and coordinate the special events.

”We have partnered with FNBT since 1999 and are proud to recognize their vision and leadership with our 2021 Community Leader Award,” said FHLBank Topeka President and CEO Mark Yardley. “FNBT puts a great emphasis on supporting the people and places that power the communities they serve.”A highlight of the evening was a 16-minute video with salutary comments and personal perspectives from customers, directors, bank leaders and Chickasha voices.  

bankers from FHLB and FNBT
Bankers from the Federal Home Loan Bank in Topeka presented First National Bank & Trust Co. with the FHLB Community Leader Award on Oct. 13. The announcement was made in a local reception, followed by a statewide conference. FHLB unveiled a video documentary featuring prominent customers and stakeholders. Segments of that video will air each Friday until Christmas on social media channels and the bankfnbt.com website. From left are FHLBank Chief Financial Officer Jeff Kuzbel, FHLBank Chief Business Officer Dan Hess, FNBT Chief Financial Officer Kyle Abrahams, FNBT president and CEO John Gorton, FHLBank President and CEO Mark Yardley, and FNBT Board Chairman Pat Brooks. 

image of volunteers from Life Choices Chickasha with Pat Brooks
FHLBank leaders presented a $5,000 check to Life Choices Chickasha as a salute to First National Bank. Volunteer work with nonprofits, schools and community groups is a big part of FNBT’s reputation, said FHLBank leaders, so a donation to a charity serving and audience in need was part of the honor for FNBT bankers.  From left are Blaire Snider, Michelle Volante and FNBT Board Chairman Pat Brooks.

image of state legislators presenting citation to John Gorton, Pat Brooks
State Legislators, led by Sen. Lonnie Paxton, center, presented FNBT President & CEO John Gorton, with a citation honoring First National Bank & Trust Co. for its 129 years of service to the communities it serves across central Oklahoma.  From left are Oklahoma Rep. Brad Boles (Duncan), FNBT Chairman Pat Brooks, Sen. Lonnie Paxton (Tuttle), John Gorton, and Rep. Dick Lowe (Amber).